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Treat your smile to the experienced hands of Dr. Alan Rembos, your cosmetic, general, and implant dentistry and oral surgery providers along the southwestern coast of Florida.

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Smiles By Rembos

Find Your Ideal Smile with Dental Bonding

Come visit your dentist for a comprehensive oral examination, as it is important to determine what sort of treatments you may need to consider if any dental damage has arisen. If you have suffered any damage on the surfaces of your teeth, it may not be necessary to entirely conceal the tooth or extract it for that matter. Instead, a... read more »

Your Teeth: The Impact of Age

You probably know that you should do a few things if you’re trying to enjoy a healthy smile. For instance, you might know that you should brush and floss your teeth regularly. Still, do you expect your teeth to weaken as you age? Would you be surprised to hear that you can actually keep your teeth strong as you get... read more »