The practice of Alan Rembos, DDS, is here to help you maintain excellent oral care through every stage of life. Women face a variety of potential dental health issues that could arise during pregnancy and menopause. Dr. Rembos and our team strive to ensure that you prevent these issues or get the proper treatment should they arise. For more information about women’s dental health in Marco Island, Naples, and Sanibel, Florida, please contact our office at one of our three convenient locations and schedule a consultation with our dentist today.

A woman’s body goes a series of hormonal changes throughout her life. From monthly menstrual cycles to pregnancy to menopause, it seems like a woman’s hormones are always changing. Such frequent and sometimes drastic changes can greatly impact a woman’s dental health. Some common problems include:

  • Gum swelling or bleeding during menstruation
  • Developing canker or cold sores
  • Gingivitis from oral birth control medication
  • Lesions, ulcers, dry sockets, or swollen gums during pregnancy
  • Irritated gums during menopause
  • Dry mouth during menopause
  • Swollen or bleeding gums from hormone replacements during menopause
  • TMJ and other jaw disorders

Because women experience so many hormonal changes with potential dental problems, it is important to ensure that she keep her mouth in excellent health. She can do this by keeping good dental habits and attending regular dental cleaning appointments. If further care is needed, our dentist can provide a personalized treatment and prevention plan. To learn more about women’s dental health, we invite you to call or visit one of our offices today. We look forward to helping you maintain oral heath, no matter what stage of life you are in.