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Come visit your dentist for a comprehensive oral examination, as it is important to determine what sort of treatments you may need to consider if any dental damage has arisen. If you have suffered any damage on the surfaces of your teeth, it may not be necessary to entirely conceal the tooth or extract it for that matter. Instead, a simple repair using a treatment such as a dental bond restoration may do the trick.

In order to ensure your teeth receive the necessary treatment they need to thrive, always look for ways to restore any damage that may occur. Dental damage can occur in numerous ways and can lead to severe oral ailments. If left untreated, dental damage can allow bacteria to enter into the deep recesses of a tooth and lead to an infection and eventual tooth loss. Thus, tooth restorations in the form of dental bonds may be needed.

If extensive tooth decay has occurred, or there are cracks and chips in your teeth, dental bonding treatments can be used. In situations where cavities are present, composite resin bonds can be placed to protect a tooth from further damage. If you wish to fill in a cavity with a dental bond, they can prove to be just as durable as amalgam fillings without the metallic shine. Composite resins are tooth-colored in appearance and can mimic the natural look of teeth.

Dental bonding treatments are extremely durable due to the fact there are made of resin and porcelain materials. A single dental bond can last over ten years before it may need to be repaired or replaced. They have also been proven to be highly useful for protecting teeth that have receding gums or even to elongate teeth. They’re also useful for spacing problems, discolorations, cracks or chips in teeth, and even help reshape teeth.

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