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Have you been told by a friend or colleague that root canal therapy is a very unpleasant procedure? We are here to clear up a few misconceptions about root canal therapy, which is actually a fairly comfortable treatment and far preferable than dealing with a damaged or infected tooth. Here are some harmful tooth conditions that may be treatable with root canal therapy to prevent the tooth from being extracted:

– Tooth decay: Severe symptoms of tooth decay, such as dental pain, tooth sensitivity and tender or swollen gums, may be a sign that tooth decay has reached the tooth center. At this point, you may need to receive root canal therapy to prevent the tooth from needing to be removed as a result of an untreated cavity.

– Tooth infection: When tooth decay isn’t addressed and instead reaches the tooth center, it can result in an infection that causes swollen gums and severe dental pain. However, you may not feel anything if the tooth root has died and will only be made aware of the problem through a dental checkup. In this case, root canal therapy may be used to remove the infection and restore the tooth.

– Dental trauma: A bad accident can result in dental trauma that even changes the tooth color, hinting that the damage has reached the inner tooth. If you suffered a dental accident of any kind, contact Dr. Alan Rembos and Dr. Jose Alvarez and our team to discuss root canal therapy.

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