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Laser Dentistry and Its Benefits

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Did you know that lasers have been in use for dental procedures for over twenty years? Did you know that lasers are even used to help whiten your teeth? Although lasers may not yet have received the official governmental stamp of approval from the FDA, they are thus becoming more and more popular in dental procedures thanks to their precise abilities and extremely effective results.

Many dental procedures such as root canals and dental fillings require cleaning the areas around the treatment site. However, this can be an arduous task when done by hand. With lasers, excess decay and gum tissue can easily be removed. Lasers can even be used to reshape gums and remove bacteria.

Lasers are also a popular form of oral cancer screening, as they are highly effective for performing cancer biopsies. This involves removing a small piece of tissue to be tested later for signs of cancer. Lasers can also be used to remove painful lesions and canker sores from your gum tissue. Amazingly enough, lasers can even be used to activate specialized gels used for teeth whitening treatments.

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