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Permanent molars and premolars tend to emerge from the gums in early-to-mid adolescence. Many people have deep textures in the biting surface’s tooth enamel on these teeth. While this can help make them better suited to the task of grinding and chewing, it can also come to trap bacterial residue. As time goes on, this can cause large cavities to form deep inside the tooth.

To help prevent this from happening to your son or daughter, Dr. Alan Rembos might recommend applying dental sealants at his Marco Island, Naples, Fort Myers, and Sanibel, Florida dental clinic. These are a durable plastic-resin material that he paints onto the biting surface of each or their back teeth. This can be done immediately following their regular dental checkup and cleaning appointment.

Dr. Alan Rembos will then use a special dental-grade ultraviolet light is used to harden the resin. If any plaque and food particles become trapped in the area surface, the resin effectively prevents bacteria from direct exposure to the tooth enamel.

The dental sealants are designed to be very durable and can help to protect the biting surface on their back teeth for up to two years. They can still brush the biting surface of teeth with dental sealants, as the resin material is very durable and won’t wear away easily.

If you live in the Marco Island, Naples, Fort Myers, and Sanibel, Florida area and you are concerned about preventing cavities on your back teeth, you can always call one of our 4 convenient locations to schedule a checkup with Dr. Alan Rembos.